Inspiring people to focus on what they want is my specialty.  I encourage them to dream dreams, set goals, and do the work required to get their rockets off the launch pad!

Who am I coaching?


As a woman, I understand that women spend a lot of time searching for their purpose. I’ve been there!  If there’s one thing the “Mars 100” adventure has taught me, it’s that we have to figure out who we are, and then go out into the world and be that person.  The point of our life is to feel joy and to be in alignment with our authentic selves.

Who are you?  The poet Mary Oliver calls this our “one wild and precious life”.  What do you want to do with yours?

Let’s design your flight plan together!


As an educator, I understand that young people can truly benefit from focus and encouragement.  If I can go to Mars, there’s no doubt that they can achieve what they want to in life.  We work on that together. Just one conversation can be the motivation they need to get moving!

Call me or send an email or a tweet, and let’s get started!

Skype or in-person sessions available.


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