I speak to Earthlings of all ages and translate my “Mars 100” experience into meaningful lessons for everyone.

I motivate students to develop their potential – in person and via Skype chats to schools around the world.

I help adults to break free of limiting beliefs.

I assist businesses in improving the bottom line.

Here are the things I talk about:

“The Mars 100”

My Journey and the lessons I’ve learned.

“What is your Mars?”

Inspiration to help you blast off and reach your goals.

“My Mother Thinks I’m Crazy!”

Accepting who you are and ceasing the worry over what other people think.

“Going With the Flow”

Saying “yes!” to the Universe, banishing resistance, and allowing life to take you where you need to go.

“Thinking Differently”

There’s a shift underway here on Earth. The time has come to think differently about our care of the planet, our food, our cooking, and our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

What would Martians think of the way we do things?

Do you have a conference coming up?  A workshop?

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